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Frequently asked questions

Will I need to have a skip outside my house?

Wherever possible the waste material is removed directly from the site on the day of excavation to be recycled.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to have a skip but only when there is no other option.

Will I be able to view any of your work in person?

We understand that it is always preferable to have a personal recommendation but if you do not have one, then the next best thing is to see our work yourself and this can certainly be arranged.

We hope that if you choose Dee Print Driveways you will also be happy to allow others to view.

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We can now provide Wallcrete services

Wallcrete is a very advanced lightweight render, specifically designed and manufactured by PICS to recreate the natural products used in walling and construction.

Cost-effective, long-lasting and versatile, the installation techniques are similar to imprinted concrete and the results equally as stunning.

In the construction industry it is rare for a new product / system to come onto the market so when one does you can expect a stampede to get involved.

Wallcrete is just such a system. 4 years in development and testing.

Wallcrete was quietly launched in 2010 with a view to gauging its impact with homeowners and to complete market testing surveys. The survey results proved positive.

Typical applications for wallcrete are

  • Internal and external walls
  • External cladding for houses
  • Boundary walls
  • Garden sheds and outbuildings
  • Garden walls
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Coping stones, lintels, cornerstones and archways
  • Even fish ponds and dog kennels!!

Our selection of wallcrete patterns

  • ashlar-stone-thumbnail
    Ashlar Stone
  • castle-stone-thumbnail
    Castle Stone
  • cobble-stone-thumbnail
    Cobble Stone
  • deep-textured-dry-stack-thumbnail
    Deep Textured Dry Stack
  • hand-carved-brick-thumbnail
    Hand Carved Brick
  • meditteranean-thumbnail
  • mountain-dry-stack-thumbnail
    Mountain Dry Stack
  • old-cobble-stone-thumbnail
    Old Cobble Stone
  • randomstone-thumbnail
    Random Stone
  • southern-ledgestone-thumbnail
    Southern Ledgestone
  • vineyard-thumbnail

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Before and after wallcrete

  • before wallcrete 1 thumbnail
  • after wallcrete 1 thumbnail
  • before wallcrete 2 thumbnail
  • after wallcrete 2 thumbnail
  • before wallcrete 3 thumbnail
  • after wallcrete 3 thumbnail
  • before wallcrete 4 thumbnail
  • after wallcrete 4 thumbnail
  • before wallcrete 5 thumbnail
  • after wallcrete 5 thumbnail

Wallcrete project gallery

  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 1
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 2
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 3
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 4
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 5
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 6
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 7
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 8
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 9
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 10
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 11
  • wallcrete gallery thumbnail 12